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Payment Method and Discount

Customs Tax

We send the orders as gifts, so usually you don't need to pay any extra fee.

Payment Methods

VISA Credit Card ( As Default )

We use third-party VISA payment gateway, so when you place the order then check it out, you will be redirect to our payment site. Don't worry about your personal data,they are encrypted by SSL-128 bit and we promise that they will not be leaked to any others.

Tips: Currency, Payment Error, Payment Declined;
* VISA payment accept USD only;
* The card bank issuer country must be as same as the country of your shipping address. If not, you will get the 121 ERROR;
* Please check whether you have ample funds in your account , whether you entered all the card digits correctly. If not, you payment will be DECLINED automatically;
* If your payment didn't go through, you can return to our store to place a new order. Just ignore your old failed order, we will not process it until we received your payment.

I don't have Visa Card ( Alternation Method )

If you only have a MasterCard or you want to transfer money to our bank account directly, we suggest to use Western Union money transfer online. The Western Union accept VISA, MASTER and Internet Bank.
It's fast, easy and safe in our store, because we look forward to do a long-term business with every customer. Mutual trust is the prerequisite for deals.
You just need to send 82% of your order amount, and pay the transfer fee by yourself(Calculate on Western Union official site).

If you have willing to use Western Union money transfer, please contact us by email: [email protected], please refer to the following steps.
* Send us your order details, including the page URL of the items and the sizes;
* Send us your shipping details: Name, Street, City, Province, Country, Zip Code and Telephone Number;

Then, we will reply you with all the needed information of Western Union money transfer: the order amount, receiver's information.

Finally, find out the nearest Western Union agent to do money transfer : . You can also do it online now. After the money transfer, please send us a message with the following information:
* The MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number);
* Sender's Full Name;
* Money Amount and currency;
* MTCN is the most important, it's used to confirm your payment.

That's all. We will confirm the payment in hours after we received your message, your order will be dispatched in 1-2 days.

Any further question, please feel free to contact us: [email protected] .